PORTFOLIO Finance Director Services for Businesses just like yours


Take the guess work out of running your SME by using the same financial expertise as the ‘big deal businesses’ at a fraction of the cost.

You don’t need to hire a full-time Finance Director to get the benefits of one.  

Friendly, approachable, female Finance Director

DANI helped me manage the numbers proactively in a sea of complexity.

Andy Newton

Group Property Director, WM Morrison plc

Get the clarity you need to make the next


move for your business

Business Advisor Services

Trusted Business Advisor

for SMEs

More than a year-end sum up

Make nimble, informed decisions with monthly insight into your numbers.

Adjust how you run your business and plan for the future of your company.

You can’t get that from software. You can’t get that from a bookkeeper.

They can only generate the numbers.

We help you understand them.

In plain English.

No jargon.


You’re a business powerhouse, but you can’t do it all yourself

You need help building the roadmap to your business’ success.

Get an experienced FD on your team without having to take on an employee.

We help you craft an operational and financial plan to get you off the plateau and climbing your next mountain.

Will you lose another investor or business loan because your slide deck doesn’t position you as a good risk?

Do you KNOW what is making you money and that you’re priced right?

Can you afford to keep following your gut, with so much riding on your next big decision?

These questions have solid answers. You don’t have to keep guessing and hoping that you’re right.

We wanted to know more about client profitability. She gave us invaluable insight and actionable improvements to make. Dani is definitely making our business better.

Simon Horniblow

Managing Director, CampusLife Limited

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